mandag den 16. oktober 2017

Knowledge about complex communication

Knowledge about complex communication, interfaces and security is needed before customer are able to control real-time data for optimal use in the daily business.
Old databases, new devices, new platforms and technologies often force the customer to change to total new platform from one vendor without a profitable business case.
We are specialized in integration. We have a wide knowledge about protocols and interfaces. We are able to design the needed middleware so you can use all the needed business applications and 3.pp hardware in you system.
This will help you to keep a profitable investment.
We has developed a multi host communication system called the UNA-system, which enables devices to communicate with different host environments simultaneously in both LANs and WANs. The UNA-system is a concept rather than a product. The system takes different shapes depending on the customer and the technology in question and therefore often perfect as a middleware product in integration between different platforms.

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